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What adorns your dining table the most? Undoubtedly, it’s the flatware. Those cutleries made with elegant design patterns keeps you engaged while you enjoy your food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Flatware means table utensils that is used in hotel industry to serve and eat food. It includes forks, spoons, knives and dishes, made out of fine linings and curves. Vessels, coffee pots, teapots, sugar bowls, salt and pepper shakers, cream pitchers and bowls are also considered flatware.

Flatware, in fact, is more durable with pretty-looking design patterns. It literally adorns your kitchen shelf as well as tabletops to provide you with the finest dining experience. Meanwhile, silverware is the best when it comes to quality and style. The look and feel are authentic.

Flatware is mostly used in each and every household. However, if you ask why is it called flatware, the answer must be the shape it holds. It consists of mostly spoons and forks.

Flatware can cost high or low as per the quality it holds. You can buy whatever products you like. When it comes to local brands, it is mostly affordable for any hotel and hospitality industry. But if you are choosing for international brands, we will never compromise on quality and the cost would be higher.

Renarte Saudi is the best flatware suppliers in Saudi Arabia as it offers the best quality products that helps you adorn your hotel interiors as well


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